Mechanika és Géptani Intézet - Biotechnológiai Kihelyezett Tanszék

ZIE Gépészmérnöki Kar,
Mechanika és Géptani Intézet - Kihelyezett Biotechnika Tanszék
(Biotechnics department)

Status of the Department: It is a unit for only postgraduate education, with strong connection to the practical R&D activity and high-tech companies.

Mission of the Department: Show the practice of the high-tech applications concentrated on technical aspects of biology and medicine, give insights for PhD students into interdisciplinary applications.
Regular teaching task:
The accredited regular course is the “Biophyics: man and machine” accredited by approval of the National Doctorate Committee. This subject is a part of the PhD education on Faculty of Engineering of St.Istvan University, it is obligatory for all the PhD students and candidates.
Direct postal address: Gyár u.2, 2040 Budaörs
Direct phone: +(36)-(23)-555-510, Fax: +(36)-(23)-555-515, E-mail: Szasz [pont] Andras [kukac] gek [pont] szie [pont] hu
Head of the department: Dr. Andras Szasz, professor, MSc., PhD, CSc. (www.SzaszAndras.huSzasz [pont] Andras [kukac] gek [pont] szie [pont] hu
Departmental staff:
Dr. Andocs Gábor, DVM
Dr. Csih Zsuzsanna, MSc, Dr.nat.Sc.
Dr. Hegyi Gabriella, MD, PhD
Dr. Szász A. Marcell, MD, PhD
Dr. Szász Oliver, MEng, PhD,
Dr. Vincze Gyula, MEng, Dr.nat.Sc.
Dovala Adrienn
Associates and departmental help:
Dr. Meggyeshazy Nóra, MD
Dr. Iluri Nóra, MEng, PhD
Dr. Balogh Lajos, DVM
Vizi Gergely, PhD student
Acs Balazs, MEng,
Gallne-Valyi Anett, MEng,
Pap Anette, BSc,
Rajeczky Zoltán, MEng,
Kiraly, Zoltan, BEng,
Kiraly Zoltan, BEng,
Bartosné Fischer Zsuzsanna,
Beviz Zsolt,
Csordas Gergely
Polgár Ákos,
Szilágyi Attila

Oncothermia Labor, Gödöllő


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